About Us

Honest Clothes Making Co., LTD.

ACKO was founded in the year of 2016, it is the online business format for Honest Clothes Making Co, LTD. As the new raising star of online business, we have four very organized and important development strategies to guide us and help us form a better business.

1. Amazon cross-border retail

It has more than a dozen brands and these products from the brands are recognized by overseas markets for their high quality and cost performance.

2. Official website vertical platform

Comprehensive vertical e-commerce platform with rich products, high quality and low price, meeting the diversified needs of the market.

3. Offline wholesale

Utilize its own strong product development capabilities, sales channels and customer resources to further develop the global market.

4. F2C business

Establish a modern product development and supply platform, further integrate global resources and create higher value for customers.

We are mainly focus on the satisfaction of the customers, their opinion matters to us, we take every opportunity to advance ourselves in order to provide good quality products and better services, we look forward to cooperating with all of you in the future!